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Proctor Process Guide

Step 1: Preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with the Avant STAMP 4S Proctoring Guide and the Benchmarks & Rubrics Guide

  • Be sure to be connected with the IT Coordinator, as they will be able to help if trouble arises from technology (headsets, activating languages on keyboards, network issues, etc)

  • Make sure they connect with IT department to have someone WHO IS REQUIRED set up technology before exam and be available during exam if any issues arise (headsets, activating languages on keyboards, network, browser)

  • Confirm with your Testing Coordinator for the login name criteria. We recommend having the test-takers use their school ID number or a combination of their first and last name, such as john.doe or doe_john

Step 2: Pre-Test

  • Have the test codes and passwords provided by the Testing Coordinator displayed on a board or other easy to read area for test-takers

  • If specified by your Testing Coordinator, have a list of authorized test takers and/or ask test takers to provide photo ID

  • Have students’ ID numbers available

  • Have the proctoring guide readily available

  • Make test-takers aware of any time restraints set by the Testing Coordinator. On average, students take around 120 minutes to fully complete the assessment.

    • Reading: 35-40 minutes

    • Writing: 20-25 minutes 

    • Listening: 35-40 minutes 

    • Speaking: 20-25 minutes

Step 3: Mid-Test

  • Provide quick fixes list for common problems that arise during certain sections or across the entire test (talk to Karl about this)

  • If this list doesn’t address your issue, contact your IT Coordinator for help. If the problem persists, please contact the Avant Support Line at (888) 713-7887 or

  • Circulate the room to ensure testing integrity

  • Have the results account page logged in and open to monitor testing. If test-takers wish to log back in, you can find the login name they used before through this dashboard

Step 4: Post-Test

  • Log into teacher reporting to view Reading and Listening scores and make sure that the Writing and Speaking submissions are submitted and captured

  • Make sure every student has completed their exam and submitted every section

Step 5: Results

  • Provide guides on viewing and using the results, how to download as PDF/excel, print, etc.

  • Contact support for resetting any Non-Ratable (NR) scores

  • Schedule with students to retake any missed sections or NR’s

  • For a full, in-depth explanation, visit our Reporting Guide

  • power up guide and National Averages