Set-Up Form (SUF) Guide

step 1: Receive SUF

  • Receive SUF from your Regional Account Manager

  • Ensure that there is a tab for each product

Step 2: Coordinator information

  • Click on the first product tab

  • Provide information for the Testing Coordinator

    • The Testing Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for Avant STAMP testing. Responsibilities include:

      • Work with Avant representatives to outline your testing groups and testing windows

      • Distribute Test Codes and Passwords to teachers/proctors

  • Provide information for the IT Coordinator

    • The IT Coordinator ensures that computers used for testing meet the technical requirements and have the necessary tools for testing. Responsibilities include:

      • Be familiar with the Avant Assessment Technology Guide and ensure that requirements are met

      • Complete the preparation steps listed in the Avant Assessment Technology Guide, including configuring headsets and activating appropriate character sets, if testing in a character-based languages

Step 3: Testing Group Information

  • This part is important! Think about how you want to use this data in the future. Do you want to track this cohort of students, or do you want to track the same teacher and class year after year? Depending on how you want to use your data will determine how you fill out this section.

    • provide screenshots of what the different testing applications would look like

  • For each testing group:

    • Fill out School/Location name

    • Assign the testing group a name (provide the name of the class/teacher and the grade/year of study)

    • Choose the target language they will be testing from the drop-down menu

    • Determine the window this group will approximately testing

    • Repeat this step for every testing group in this product

  • Are you testing with more than one product? If so, choose the next product's tab and start from Step 2. If not, move on to the next step

Step 4: Save and Send

  • Save the file

  • Send the now completed SUF to and C.C. your Regional Account Mangager