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Technology Coordinator Process Guide

Step 1: Preparation

  • Read the Assessment Technology guide for relative information on computer and network requirements 

  • All networks and computers are setup before testing

  • Distribute all relevant information and materials to all IT department branches

  • Check bandwidth availability

  • Firewalls, Proxy Servers and Content Filters need to add Avant domains to whitelist

  • Browsers must be up to date

  • Keyboard languages must be activated to the target language

  • USB headsets with microphones must be available for every student, and extras must be purchased if necessary

  • Be sure that browsers support cookies

  • After all above steps have been completed, go to the Technology Check page on each device

Step 2: Pre-Test

  • Be sure all computers are on and functioning

  • All headsets are plugged in and functional, have each student test their headsets before starting their test and test all other tech functions

  • Provide link to Avant Support Desk

Step 3: Mid-Test

  • Be available to proctors for any issues that may arise during testing

Step 4: Post-Test

  • Need filler for this section

Step 5: Results

  • Be available to help with Excel and SIS integration if necessary