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Testing Coordinator Process Guide

Step 1: Preparation

  • Provide information on how to order test, price quotes, etc

  • Follow the SetUp Form Guide to fill out and send your SetUp Form

  • Communicate with your procurement department for a purchase order if necessary

  • Coordinate with purchasing department for payment processing (tests, technology, etc)

  • Schedule a proctor orientation session if necessary. Be sure that your proctors have read through the Proctor Process Guide

  • Reserve all necessary computer labs, Chromebooks, iPads, etc needed for testing

  • Confirm with IT that headsets are available for listening and speaking sections (arrange for purchase if necessary)

  • Confirm with IT Coordinator that all other preparatory steps have been followed according to the IT Coordinator Process Guide

  • Assign proctors to testing groups/windows or ensure that teachers are available to proctor

  • Arrange test-taker transportation to testing sites if necessary

  • Determine the login name criteria. We recommend having the test-takers use their school ID number or a combination of their first and last name, such as john.doe or doe_john. Share the criteria with your proctors

Step 2: Pre-Test

  • Distribute test codes and passwords to proctors

  • Distribute any instructions for their particular testing situation/district/school

  • Be sure all proctors have gone over the applicable Avant user guides or know how to access them if necessary

  • Confirm again with IT Coordinator that all other preparatory steps have been followed according to the IT Coordinator Process Guide

Step 3: Mid-Test

  • Be available for questions from your proctors, provide support to them on site or remotely

Step 4: Post-Test

  • Meet or speak with proctors after testing to address any issues they encountered

  • Check with IT coordinator to see if all issues (if any) are resolved

  • Debrief with proctors, talk about best practices and what can be improved in the testing process for the future

  • Check with proctors for test completion status and be sure that all make up sessions are scheduled

Step 5: Results

  • Provide a guide for how to view district/school wide results

  • Give them the chance to purchase additional analysis of results from Victor (how do I word this?)

  • Provide national averages/power up guide (when available)

  • Provide steps on how to download the results as an excel document and how to save reports as a PDF/print (need reports login and screenshots)